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Time to light the Ranch!

Light fixtures...they're my brilliant fetish! Beautiful, ambient lighting easily replaced my adoration of fancy stilettos which seems most appropriate now that we will have property in the country. Oh, and I can share them and be comfy simultaneously. Because of their impact in decor, light fixtures are truly my favorite things!

Every time I consider a new shoe or article of clothing, my husband reminds me "We're Ranchers now!" which cracks me up. Not yet, honey. Let me adorn these little houses first...

Lighting, or lack of, makes an impactful statement whether you approach a front door or enter a room. Lighting emits necessary light as well as creates or changes a mood. As a decorator, lighting alone can be one of the most inexpensive, easy and magical ways to transform an entrance or room. It's one of the first places I like to start to set the tone whereas everything else follows suit. Light welcomes you, it beckons you, it draws you in.

I often have analysis paralysis prior to staging a room as I contemplate how people from all walks of life will feel with a decorative accent present and how it's portrayed in the light. Just like the morning, I start with light...light makes everything grow and evolve from natural light as we rise until the sun sets and we begin to rest at the end of the day with ambient lighting. It is easy for me to mono-focus on one particular thing before I allow a cascade of attention to fall all around where a light fixture or lamp will emit light.

Being that these pretty little houses are historical replicas, masterfully rebuilt cabins and beautifully crafted, I walk a fine line between setting a tone and not distracting from the home's soul. I want every wall, every nook and corner to emit a great feeling. I strive for a calming, never-want-to-leave visual everywhere you look. It's one of the greatest compliments in my work for people to stand in a room and not be able to pick an area as their favorite because they love it all. The right lighting will do that!

For the exterior of the homes, I have to remind myself that the Texas Hill Country often receives hail, harsh weather and bugs are special treats for lots of wildlife. Exterior lighting after a glorious sunset is essential for those walking in the evening on unfamiliar ground, but no one likes blinding light when sitting by a fire. Then there's the stars! The stars at night are big and bright (go ahead, sing it!) and I don't want to distract from that. Part of the joy in sharing this property with others is sharing what most of us don't have at home. As part of our escape away from the big cities and enjoying all the Hill Country has to offer, we proudly have dark skies and bright stars! Come see!

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