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Analysis Paralysis...Panic...annnnd Go!

I just received the proofs of the custom signs being cut for each of the houses and the ones yet to be built. I've finalized the incredibly beautiful and impeccably detailed graphic designs from the amazing Cathy Richardson of CathyD designs. Here I am, Miss OCD, grouping-fanatic, font junkie and business name snob suddenly came to realize something was off when I saw the computer rendering of the signs. The very first name of the very first house wasn't accurate!

My father-in-law, Richard Okerholm worked hard for many years to earn his Doctorate and the house in which we will honor him should reflect his hard work and expertise. I panicked. I called my husband and told him it just wasn't right. Mayor Bette's Farmhouse captures her notoriety and she didn't work nearly as hard for the Mayor title as Richard did for his doctorate. Not to mention, the "Okerholm Haus" we've had coursing through our minds also skipped the house description completely as all others briefly described their accommodations. I can't believe I overlooked this major detail all this time.

Within an hour, I made the talented sign maker and graphic designer's heads spin for a second as they probably thought their work was done. I just know that once it's in stone (literally and figuratively), it's done and there's no going back. I just want this to be right, to be perfect and to be accurate.

Back to the drawing board for subtle, but more accurate edits...

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