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It's a dangerous thing when a creative person is given more time!

So today was a bittersweet day. Today we were supposed to close on the property, but a little hang up like a house needing and receiving a new metal roof is a pretty big deal in the insurance world, so we wait. Two weeks. Two lonnnng weeks. Whatever can I get done in that time? My mind is a never-ending idea factory! Each day is progress but progress costs money. I'm looking at 14 more progress-filled days! Progress like rocking chairs for the Log Cabin front porch, a trip to Sam's to stock up on morning coffee stations and solar pathway lighting. I now have a bit more time to give more things a makeover so as not to replace things entirely and complete the sign endeavor. I've been dreaming and designing signs for days while analysis paralysis has come and gone and I'm finally ready to pull the trigger.

It was like Christmas morning the other day when cleaning out my morning dose of junk mail. Admittedly certain junk email (Kirkland's, Gap, Target, Pottery Barn & Nordstrom, etc) is nothing but eye candy prior to deletion, but is literally a superstore of digital ideas. I'll admit it...I'm a font snob. I've struggled with the idea of never finding THE font of all fonts for this venture. March 21st changed everything. I was so excited that I was literally about to cry. Not much makes me cry, but seeing this font appear as a featured font of the day brought tears to my eyes. It felt as though it was made just for me! It was a bit vintage whiskey with a mix of tooled leather but with a clean, modern, even a bit feminine twist. This was the one! I think my slightly emotional state helped sell it to Erik as he jumped on it. I was nervous he wouldn't like it and my search would continue. He knew what I was looking for and one glance at it elicited, "Get it!"

We're meeting with the graphic designer Thursday but I think I've made some pretty good headway up to and before our final meeting. With time on my hands, I've come to realize the tree for the logo needs to always be featured in gold. It started with considering gold-leafing the front gate tree circle. I feel nothing symbolizes history and generations and what this stands for like a golden mature oak. Erik is warming up to the idea...he simply said he didn't want a gold foil tree on his hat. I can handle that compromise.

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