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Load up the Trailer!

When I woke up this morning, I never thought I'd end up in a debate with a young man about trailer hitch drop height of 6" versus 4", but I did. Let's not even talk about the tacky jokes that ensued with trailer ball diameters! We picked up the trailer today and learned all the ways law enforcement likes to cite people for problematic trailer connections and safety precautions. We definitely appreciate our men and women in blue and don't want to create any safety issues! By nightfall we ended up with the 6" drop, some heavy duty wheel chocks during our minutes-before-they-close Home Depot run, and learned how to use a wheel boot in the dark for added security on the trailer. I looked at the trailer with all the added security features and more locks with accompanying keys than I care to carry...I couldn't help but laugh when I told my husband the only reason it's insured is in case it bursts into flames at this point.

Our garage is stocked and ready to load First Aid kits, coffee station necessities, probably a dozen pairs of lamps, new craftsman style Adirondack furniture and paint...lots and lots of paint. Thankfully we were able to take advantage of a 30% off Easter sale at Sherwin Williams because otherwise I'd have had to sell my good kidney to see this through.

An acquaintance and likely future client sold me some fantastic Bernhardt sofas for a steal and while loading asked to see photos of the houses. Now she's looking forward to visiting! It's simply awesome to collect beautiful quality pieces here and there and before you know it, you're collecting new friends and people who look forward to coming out to visit and make new memories with their families.

Now let's load that trailer!

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